CMYK Poster Final

April 17, 2011 § Leave a comment

Here’s the poster in it’s final interpretation. It’s a wee bit sparse, but I’ll always advocate whitespace if it’s an option. I did several more renders but it started getting far too crowded and so they were axed in the end. It relies heavily on a grid and follows it surprisingly close, even on the oblique lines that don’t seem like they should match any given structure. The final print was 24 x 36 inches and I learned that In Source gives students 50% off which brings the final cost to a price similar to what Staples charges normally. Live and learn, I got the discount, so no worse off really; I’ll just remember to never print there after I graduate.

I’ve been carving out a wood model ever since I realized just how pitifully weak blue foam is at pen thicknesses. I mean, no one commends it’s strength but it seems exponentially weak as mere millimeters are shaved off. The wood is much slower going and my thumb is starting to burn from sanding but ultimately it’ll provide a much more stable representation which is always worth extra effort. Don’t be lazy, do it right.


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