Bovino Lakto

May 14, 2011 Comments Off on Bovino Lakto

Like the beer ad before it, it’s done with the classic advertiser’s style in mind. Big, bold typography that is there not to tell you how good the product is, not to tell you features or prices but rather just telling to you drink it. That’s all. Just drink the milk.

Originally it was a Kavalo product as well, but since Kavalo means horse the word ‘milk’ coming after it changes the meaning slightly for the hilarious.

You’ll notice too that ‘drinkajo’ inherently means refreshing-drink and so the ‘freshigar’ in front of it is redundant. Since most English people won’t understand this, it makes sense to use both words since we’re more familiar seeing “refreshing drink” or some derivative being two different words. I’m using Ido not as a language in itself but rather as an excuse to not use English – I don’t mind utterly destroying the rules. It’s Lorem Ipsum anyway.


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