About Me

Brennan Letkeman

Industrial designer.

Currently studying in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Earth.

If you want a steady stream of said commentary you should follow me right now. This blog is officially retired, so please follow the new blog which is totally better anyway.

If you want to see a small sample of my work you can view the portfolio.

If you want to contact me for any reason you can email me with the form and I will definitely get back to you. Haikus and limerick emails get bonus points.

If you want to be better in life, be more attractive to the opposite sex and make more money with a more satisfying career you should do all of the above.


An old blog started years ago before I knew how to name things properly and it stuck around because it happened to be successful.

The blog itself has branched out from it’s humble roots in photography and now includes industrial / product / graphic / design, architecture, technology, rants, anecdotes and unethically hotlinked article photos.

It’s been running for three years, and it will stand as archive as long as WordPress will let me keep it as a sort of time machine to my past opinions and work.


Blog 2.0

Icecalibre is a WordPress hosted site, which means it exists on their servers and they maintain control of the HTML and CSS, which I wanted to change; so, I bought my own server. Instead of just porting everything over, though, I wanted something new, something fresh. I’d been writing to IceCalibre for over three years at the time and while that was awesome for high school, it was time for a different approach, a more mature attitude.

So, while it’s sort of annoying to go back to square one for advertising and discouraging writing against a dismal traffic flow, I feel Acrylo will grow better with me and become as great a beast as IceCalibre was.