Sad Unicorn

May 8, 2011 § Leave a comment

I have mixed opinions about my end result. From the beginning it was this nice, healthy cyber-punk blue that gave a really good melancholy rain feeling, but that’s since faded into a sort of neo-noir sepia.

The the brick wall was muted a lot with the rain and DoF blur, which is sad because by itself it had a perfect wet reflection and those coloured neon lights really shone through. The green one in the upper right corner is pretty much gone in the end result…

There was a lot more trash and grunge around originally, but it became really cluttered and I couldn’t make a material I liked since the garbage reflected the lights too and just became this really focal point of distraction which ultimately I axed. So… maybe this is the Mirror’s Edge city of cleanliness?


MW: The Hamonument

May 3, 2011 § Leave a comment

Morning warmup: Something random on a pedestal.

Sorry I forgot to post it this morning. I finished and then went longboarding out in search of food and the skies decided to pour rain and hail on me. I huddled under a tree in a park for most of the really bad stuff and in the end it was a hilarious adventure and sometimes it feels great just to laugh like a maniac while longboarding down the middle of roads and getting utterly drenched.

I bought a copy of Catch-22 the book and some cream soda and it turned out to be the perfect day, all in all.

Kavalo Wine Company

April 29, 2011 § Leave a comment

Since I’ve already used the Kavalo name for syrup, perhaps it isn’t actually wine…

The label came out really flat looking, I feel. It’s a tricky material to get right when the lighting setup is designed to make the glass part pop as much as possible. Of course, the label itself is really boring. Not even minimalist since it’s missing important things like years and type of aging etc. If things are too minimalist to include important information, it’s not a good design.

But, a quick modelling and render study. It was a good afternoon project.

Mechanical Iris

April 13, 2011 § Leave a comment

I feel bad for neglecting you readers, so I’m trying to post things as I’m working on them to assure you that I am in fact preparing for the last few weeks of school diligently.

The above is a basic illustration that I just made to demonstrate three positions of a mechanical iris such as the one in the shutter of a camera. I’m using four small ones inside the CMYK pen to control ink flow; the rotating sliders will be directly geared to the iris in such a way so that 100% open and 100% closed will line up with the slider’s inner and outer limits, providing a very direct and tactile control.

Ultimately, I’ve always loved mechanical irises (irisi?) and if you ever get a chance to play with old film lenses (they have the manual exposure tab sticking out) I highly recommend looking at the mechanism inside – it’s mesmerizing.

CMYK Pen update

April 11, 2011 § Leave a comment

I apologize for my lack of posting; it’s been really quiet both in my life and in the blogosphere. Everyone’s out enjoying spring, I suppose, I know I am. First day riding the longboard to school! The roads are garbage with gravel everywhere, but the middle is fairly decent. It’s nice to be back riding again.

Still working on the ol’ CMYK pen project as seen above and added knurling to the grip a la my favorite architectural pencils. School is winding down and this is among the last of the projects to be completed so things are wrapping up for the year. I miss grade school in a way; summer was so exciting. You’d sit in your desk and couldn’t wait for the bell to ring so you could go and play, and people were giddy knowing the big break was coming up.

In related news, I watched the entire season one of Community and quite liked it. It makes college seem a lot more racially diverse and adventurous than it really is, but I like the overall idea.

Tons of TRON

April 7, 2011 § Leave a comment

If you haven’t already picked up the official soundtrack I highly suggest you do. There are so many subtle things that are there and you don’t quite pick up on it during the movie but when you later realize it gives that warm feeling of knowing and I-see-what-you-did-there! It’s really quite clever in how it all wraps together – Daft Punk should definitely do more scores.

And! To make that even sweeter there is also a new remix album featuring some pretty big names and I have to admit both albums have been on some heavy repeat lately. I love the Com Truise remix because it’s a lot more understated than most songs which turn out in some club fashion or another; I feel like I can incorporate this into my relatively mellow working music nicely.

The renders featured here remind me a lot of those Iron Man hologram renders that came out afterward to show the process of the movie which is cool. You can never have too many holograms, I’ve always said.

And there are tons more what those came from! Go check it out via jtnimoy.

Sculptural Art

April 4, 2011 § 4 Comments

If I were an artist of the pompous gallery type (which of course is the very opposite of my philosophy) I would make a ton of exhibits that feel as though they are on the verge of breaking at any moment. The above has a sheet of glass balanced carefully on the pointed stand and then the cantilever end is left under a heavy, pointy weight that is held up by a very thin, very flimsy thread. This, hopefully, causes a great deal of nervousness in the viewer and like all good art makes an impact on the viewer’s emotions. For added effect I might leave a pair of scissors on the edge of the glass just taunting the gallery viewers to pick them up, and cause the chaos to finally occur.

Of course they won’t; they are the kind of people who go to art galleries.

Moral of the story: Art is really only useful if it’s actively making your life better. Galleries are often secluded from the average person’s every day life and therefor mostly useless and wasteful.

Moral 2: if someone happened to know how to accurately throw shuriken and wanted to cause havoc in my fictional gallery, it would be very, very easy.

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