P12 Concept

May 8, 2011 § Leave a comment

Some sketches of the old P12 concept I did a while back. It’s pretty rough and some of those lines are utterly horrid. It’s a relaxing sunday afternoon thing…


Sad Unicorn

May 8, 2011 § Leave a comment

I have mixed opinions about my end result. From the beginning it was this nice, healthy cyber-punk blue that gave a really good melancholy rain feeling, but that’s since faded into a sort of neo-noir sepia.

The the brick wall was muted a lot with the rain and DoF blur, which is sad because by itself it had a perfect wet reflection and those coloured neon lights really shone through. The green one in the upper right corner is pretty much gone in the end result…

There was a lot more trash and grunge around originally, but it became really cluttered and I couldn’t make a material I liked since the garbage reflected the lights too and just became this really focal point of distraction which ultimately I axed. So… maybe this is the Mirror’s Edge city of cleanliness?


May 6, 2011 § Leave a comment

Morning warmup: sketch something on my desk.

My desk is kept really empty, but I had this hard drive laying around from the Ubuntu experiments which I hadn’t yet put back in the closet rack o’ old drives.

It’s a little bit light. I’d probably do another layer with a digital Sharpie or something to make it pop.

Scrapbook 11

May 6, 2011 § 2 Comments

Today’s scrapbook: sketching with a focus on ID.

I think this morning’s warmup will have to be related…

As always, if you’re the creator of any of these please let me know so I can credit. It seems all of the above were in my scrapbook before I started taking names. If you’re looking for people to follow, Spencer Nugent is always awesome and I’ve recently started following Karina Sokolova (Sketchmyworld) on Twitter. Check them out!

Noman Island

May 5, 2011 § 2 Comments

That secret volcano lair?


MW: Miros Sukosa

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Morning warmup: vintage geometric.

I always liked the old geometric paintings because they really distilled the essence that good art should naturally lead the eye around it, to explore it in a pre-designed way.

It’s always funny to look back at something and think “Wow, why didn’t I make that in like, thirty seconds?” because of course, you could. Anyone could easily copy that now; but it takes a surprisingly long time to arrive at an idea while looking at a blank canvas.

But then, the above statements are why I’m a designer and not an artist. Perhaps I should just stick with that.

Spring Weather

May 4, 2011 § Leave a comment

A few unspectacular photos from yesterday’s hail / rain / one-crack-of-thunder storm.

Alberta has bizarre random weather, though. It hails and then it’s all blue sky and then it rains and goes back to blue, and it’ll go back and forth lots in the course of an afternoon. The birds hide and then come out to eat all the worms that come out of the ground; the squirrels barricade themselves into nooks of trees and scavenge for building supplies in the calm breaks. Last I checked they had a working elevator up to the main fort in the tree before my desk’s window. Fort 003 is looking a bit weak from hail, though. Silly squirrels used aluminum when they had perfectly good steel available… Still, there is no denying the neo-bauhaus architecture style they’re going for. I dig it, anyway.

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