Tons of TRON

April 7, 2011 § Leave a comment

If you haven’t already picked up the official soundtrack I highly suggest you do. There are so many subtle things that are there and you don’t quite pick up on it during the movie but when you later realize it gives that warm feeling of knowing and I-see-what-you-did-there! It’s really quite clever in how it all wraps together – Daft Punk should definitely do more scores.

And! To make that even sweeter there is also a new remix album featuring some pretty big names and I have to admit both albums have been on some heavy repeat lately. I love the Com Truise remix because it’s a lot more understated than most songs which turn out in some club fashion or another; I feel like I can incorporate this into my relatively mellow working music nicely.

The renders featured here remind me a lot of those Iron Man hologram renders that came out afterward to show the process of the movie which is cool. You can never have too many holograms, I’ve always said.

And there are tons more what those came from! Go check it out via jtnimoy.


Some Sunny Cold Desolation

March 5, 2011 § Leave a comment

WISP has been around for years and in my iTunes about as long, and it never gets old, really. It’s been described by others as the sound of music my life would make which, honestly, I’ll take as a compliment.

It’s sad and desolate, but also hopeful and somehow hauntingly encouraging. It’s nostalgic and familiar but always changing, reinventing and evolving. It’s the music that perfectly suits a slow motion roadtrip alone through the foggy mountains as the sun is rising over the snowy peaks, warm on your skin against the colder air.

Maybe that’s just my wanderlust poking through; I’m growing weary of winter inside.

A Most Beautiful Design

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I know I promised I’d try to avoid reposting things that comes out on the same day as other blogs, but I have to say, this is definitely an exception.

This is exactly what I want everything I own to look like. It’s another from the makers of the beautiful Monome.

Elegant. Simple. Crisp. Flowing. Organic. Machined. Modern. Perfect. Care. Attention. Love. Design.

This, this I believe is what Dieter Rams means when he says good design is honest. It’s not cheap, or cheating or corners cut (no pun intended). It’s a solid product (albeit with a solid price tag) that is exactly what it needs to be.

And so I pledge, as I always do when inspired by such things, to carry this on into my product design.

Oh, and it makes music: Vimeo. Check out how slick that user interface is. It’s got a sort of Apple-like physics to how the LEDs ‘accelerate’ when the user changes something.

Also, happy Jules Verne’s birthday!

Music Monday 04

November 8, 2010 § Leave a comment

First off: Sorry I’m late! I totally meant to do this earlier but I got busy with some clay and sketches.

In an effort to mix it up I’ll present the more upbeat listening for me: indie.

The obvious big one is Tokyo Police Club, but just because they’re pretty mainstream as indie goes doesn’t mean it isn’t worth listening to. Champ just came out, but I like the older stuff. It all sort of sounds the same anyway…

From UK hail The Wombats which are more dance punk-ish than anything. Sometimes annoying, sometimes perfect to bring up that mood and flail around to.

Along the same lines is the New York couple Matt and Kim with snappy snares and synth solos (alliteration, oh my!).

There isn’t too much to say, it’s not really working music because I usually get annoyed three songs in, but it’s good to have on the ol’ iTunes to throw on every once in a while.

Music Monday 03

November 1, 2010 § Leave a comment

First off, I’d like to plug a service that I’ve always loved having on the ol’ iPod/iPad and has now come to your browser:

Ghostly Discovery

It’s… pretty much the best thing since incandescent lighting. ‘Nough said. Use it. Right now!

In other news…

SHE is the band of this week. Not to be confused with the J-pop band (or Korean or whatever they are) this SHE is industrial ambient chip tune rock with everything in between. It gets a little pop-ish sometimes, but the older chiptune is great and can be downloaded for free!

Unfortunately the myspace player is full of the newer pop songs so definitely skip that and go download the older stuff from the official site.

Myspace link

Also on the somewhat overwhelmingly repetitive dance chiptune scene are other one man acts like Lunar Synthetic, Fighter X, Sebiron, Circles and Unicorn Kid, you know, if you’re into that sort of thing.

It’s good sometimes, you just need to randomly flail about and get it all out…

Music Monday #2

October 25, 2010 § Leave a comment

Royksopp's Happy Up Here music video is awesome

I’m going to start giving a little variety on these days because one band per week would move wayyy too slowly.

First up: Royksopp

These guys have been a favorite of mine over the years. It’s a good mix of upbeat happy dance songs and slow-down mellow grooves (The latest album Senior is the mellow counterpart to the upbeat Junior) I have a lot of favorite songs here, it’s too hard to choose just one! Happy Up Here, You Don’t Have a Clue, Eple, Poor Leno and… like 15 more. Just listen to all of it. Really. Great work music since it’s usually more beats and less lyrical distractions.

Second: WISP

I’m not even sure what genre they are. It’s like, experimental breakbeat sometimes mellow dubstep ambient? It’s fabulous, anyway, for driving through foggy mountain roads. A lot of the CDs were released for free before he was signed with a label, so I’m sure if you do some googling you can grab those easily. A couple of the albums have a sort of medieval feel to them. Like this would be the perfect montage music for an epic knight’s quest through a sunny but dangerous forest. Again, no particular favorite songs; they’re all pretty great. A couple albums are co-ops with other artists and are like, glitch techno which I’m not too much into but…

Third: Tycho

We mentioned this in the comments of last week’s post, but Tycho deserves a full shout out here. Artist Scott Hansen of ISO50 fame is also the musician Tycho and it’s amazing how his print work and his music work are somehow really similar. This is a super vintage ambient vibe that flows along really well and makes great music for designing to, really, I can’t describe; go listen to it. Favorite track: A Circular Reeducation

Music Monday #1

October 18, 2010 § 2 Comments

One question I get frequently from people is “What kind of music do you listen to when you work?”

The answer is ambiguous, really: almost everything. Except country my playlists and library represent just about every music style that I know of to some extent. Now I’m not saying my way is particularly best or “right” but it answers the “What does Brennan Letkeman listen to” question, sort of. Everyone is different, of course, and mood plays a big part into my selection, but I want to give suggestions every so often (every week!) for things new and old that I’ve come across and like.

Week 1: Tame Impala.

It’s just shoegaze enough to be out of the way (I can’t concentrate sometimes if things are too lyrically dominant) but upbeat enough to not put you to sleep and keeps a good work rhythm . I found it via ISO50 blog, and if it’s good enough for them…

Personal favorite song: Alter Ego

Go check them out!

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