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This is going to be lengthy and probably poorly flowing, I understand if your attention span doesn’t make it past the end of the next sentence.


…that was a joke.

It’s interesting the thoughts people have on the new media. It’s also interesting they call it new media. Really, writing hasn’t changed all that much and Facebook and Twitter and all of these “new medias” are really just old media in a new medium and even then, not really. It’s still black text on a white page – although the white glows more nowadays.

But it’s interesting for me as someone who has grown up on the wave of all of this. I wasn’t quite young enough to grow up beside it, but I’m not old enough to remember times before it. I didn’t have a cell phone until a few years ago, and now you see pre-teens texting so I am older than that generation (not in the offspring sense as much as the 2.0 sense) of people. It’s funny that I watch old movies and see the typical teenage girl laying on her bed with her own phone talking for hours while not moving at all. As far as I’m concerned, I’d say mobile inter-connectivity is better for us. This past week I’ve logged at very least 50 km  walking / longboarding and enjoyed hours of beautiful spring-summer sun and fresh air, while never missing a beat with my friends if I was so inclined to include them in my adventure. I spent several hours in solitude, both physically and electronically as well, because that’s why I go out and explore; I really enjoy solitude.

I think people have it wrong, overall. I think they see the medium as the solution, be it good or bad, and I’m not sure any of that school of thought is correct. The stereotypical old people see it as this looming evil, standing over the world like a physical monster, devouring children. The stereotypical child is a happy king, seeing a world of information brought to them at the swipe of a finger. The stereotypical school board sees it as this overwhelming distraction and problem, and instead of admitting that the entire recorded history of the entire planet can be browsed within milliseconds they want to steamroll the same old same old lecturing techniques and call the students the problem.

I would suggest contrary. I would suggest that in fact it is a tool. Facebook is a tool, Twitter is a tool. They can be time sinks, perhaps, but so is sharpening a saw. In the end, they do a particular job that not much else in the world can. I won’t say it’s good or evil, I’m not fighting for the kids or the seniors because honestly, I don’t believe there deserves a fight at all. To do so would be like fighting over said saw: perhaps people have been killed by them. True. Perhaps they’ve done an excellent job cutting down trees to build houses. True. Perhaps cutting down trees with your bare hands is a ridiculous waste of time and needs to be updated. Humans need tools. Ultimately, it’s a little part of why we’re human in the first place.

This relates directly to brands:

Apple vs. Microsoft.

I say: Who cares?

They too are tools. They do different things. You can fight saw vs. axe all day (I guess the metaphor is sticking) but ultimately they’re just tools designed to do slightly different things. There is no right or wrong, there is no winner or loser or better or worse. Pick the one that does the job you need to do best. Duh!

Also: Sports teams. An even more useless battle because they don’t even accomplish anything.

Moral of the story, before this turns into a grand mal rant: Everything is a tool, stop fighting over trivialities and use the one that makes sense. Don’t judge others for the tool they use, natural selection should take care of that.

We live in a new world that’s sparkling and awesome. Don’t be stupid.



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I’m the weird designer type who obsesses over the menu design and the posters they hang on the walls in restaurants – this should come as no surprise. If you aren’t that type, next time you’re eating at Earl’s take a look around. You might find posters resembling the above; vintage, alcoholic and usually in Italian.

Mine is not Italian. In fact, most of them aren’t even real words. “Rejala” actually means “royal” in Ido, so it could be translated as “Royal Royale” which is just silly. Benage doesn’t exist at all, although I took “Benege” which means “Fine” and changed the middle vowel for flow. I like the improved ‘ah’ sound – really punches out the word better and sounds vaguely French. It doesn’t have any context in the poster, so it’s an exclamation that probably implies “Drink!” or “Enjoy!” or “Cheers!” or something.

I spend a lot of time making up words. It’s surprisingly hard, actually.

The lack of grid bothered me, since I observed that the real posters from the era past didn’t line anything up like I obsessively do. To make my name under the other text not justify to common lines really, really tweaked my grid OCD.  But! Authenticity, however fake, is what’s required here.

Looking at it now, I’m not sure I like the ‘o’ at the end of “drinkajo” – I think it could do without. Although, these fictional people probably thought the rhyming ends were clever for their slogan and chose that purposefully. That’s the other thing, when making pieces like this, I try to make the whole back story. Why are these lines here or there? Why would they, in the 20’s or whenever, probably pressed or hand painted, do certain things. I try to imagine who’s making the work in what kind of environment for what kind of purpose. I’m not sure if it helps or not, but I think it’s valuable insight at some level of artistic decision making.

So, that’s the verbose description of the piece. People keep asking for more behind-the-scenes (which I do enjoy of other creators as well) so I’m happy to oblige. I hope it’s helpful!

Good Design is Invisible

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I’ve never been much for staged photography, but I had an idea.


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It’s been a while since I’ve seen painted art that anywhere resembles the Mirror’s Edge stuff and although the above isn’t nearly as colourful, I think it’s captured the style really well.

Russian artist by the handle of Shinobi (which Samurai Jack taught me means ninja) and has a line of skateboard decks I would definitely buy and ride / hang on the wall.

Check it out! Lots of awesome work there.

Scrapbook 12

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I’ve been MIA for a few days now, for which I deeply apologize. (Still accepting applications for writers to help start the new, real blog project)

Needless to say, my inspiration folder has a decent collection of cars in all shapes, sizes and eras. Personally, I’ve always loved that Bertone angular style such as the Carabo, Countach (without the spoiler!) and the DeLorean feature.

Photos mostly taken from eBay, where I surf and dream of these beautiful classics which are quickly dying out.

In related news, I saw an Aston Martin today that I didn’t like. Go figure!

P12 Concept

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Some sketches of the old P12 concept I did a while back. It’s pretty rough and some of those lines are utterly horrid. It’s a relaxing sunday afternoon thing…

Sad Unicorn

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I have mixed opinions about my end result. From the beginning it was this nice, healthy cyber-punk blue that gave a really good melancholy rain feeling, but that’s since faded into a sort of neo-noir sepia.

The the brick wall was muted a lot with the rain and DoF blur, which is sad because by itself it had a perfect wet reflection and those coloured neon lights really shone through. The green one in the upper right corner is pretty much gone in the end result…

There was a lot more trash and grunge around originally, but it became really cluttered and I couldn’t make a material I liked since the garbage reflected the lights too and just became this really focal point of distraction which ultimately I axed. So… maybe this is the Mirror’s Edge city of cleanliness?